Age: 32
Sex: Male
Occupation: Other
Orientation: Straight
About Me: I'm 33 year old male Australian born and grew up in the dandenong ranges. I am looking for shared accommodation in a warm and friendly environment. I am a plumber by trade, currently unemployed but looking to return to work at some point. I enjoy socialising, sports, eating out and making new friends.
Smoking: Smoker
User have: No pets
Phone Number: 0468744173

Looking For

Room Type: Don't care
Min Price: 150
Max Price: 300
Need From: 2020 Nov,23
Inclusive of: Electricity , Internet
Pet Allowed: No
Need Car Park: No

About Ideal Sharemate

Age From: 25
Age To: 45
Gender: Don't Care
Occupation: Don't care
Orientation: Don't care
Smokes: Don't Care
About ideal sharemate: Someone who is social, friendly, clean and enjoys hanging out at times.